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About me

My Life Adventure

This is a map showing the locations of everywhere I've lived. The journey includes 6 different states and continues to grow.

  1. Tulsa, Oklahoma (1996-1999)
  2. Albuquerque, New Mexico (1999-2009)
  3. Denver, Colorado (2009-2015)
  4. Seattle, Washington (2015-2019)
  5. Bethesda, Maryland (2019-2022)
  6. Houston, Texas (2022-present)
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No matter where my career takes me, I'll always be a DAWG!


  • Baylor College of Medicine
    • MD, expected 2030
    • PhD in Genetics & Genomics, expected 2028
  • University of Washington
    • BS in Biochemistry, 2019
    • BS in Molecular Cellular Biology, 2019


Generally, I love anything outdoors. This includes all different forms of biking (road, gravel, mountain), hiking, running, rock climbing, and fishing.

As you may tell from the abundant pictures of lakes and waterfalls on this website, I'm also an amateur nature photographer.

I love tinkering around with computers. One of my best memories was building a PC in college. I'm currently learning about the Raspberry Pi and how to make interactive websites with JavaScript.

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Fatbiking in the snowy mountains of Colorado